Common Mistakes to Avoid When Interior Designing Your Home

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Interior Designing Your Home

Too many people watch DIY TV shows and feel that they have the know-how to design the interior of their homes. Many clients see and purchase furniture and once it gets delivered they discover it is too big and consumes the room. For instance, the bedroom set is a classic example. The set is purchased and the headboard ends up in front of the window because it wasn't thought-out and looked great in the furniture store. Furniture scale and color are the keys to successful interior design!

Although interior designing seems like a job you can handle on your own, there are many small details that should to be considered while designing a space which requires the skills and expertise of an interior designer. If you want to update your space with beautiful, modern design, avoid these common mistakes to save your wallet and your home.

Downplaying scale. Many people undertake a DIY project on their property that is not appropriate for the space and looks cheap upon completion. Scale is important to the space. For example, the artwork over the sofa table should not be wider than the table below.

Using trendy colors in the wrong way. As trend colors keep changing every season, it should be used as accents like toss pillows and accessories and not in big ticket furniture such as a sofa or chairs. Using trend colors in smaller ways will allow you to easily replace it after the trend passes. If you purchase expensive furniture in trendy colours, chances are you won’t be able to change it once it goes out of style.

Over accessorizing. When you are decorating purchase one or two statement pieces and only a few trendy items like pillows and accessories. Smaller, less expensive items can easily be replaced when they pass the trend stage. Remember you are decorating a room not creating a gift shop!

Not hiring an interior designer. Decorating mistakes are costly and the investment will be disturbing every time you look at it. Hiring an interior designer can help you avoid unsightly and expensive mistakes. The cost of a designer will not exceed a big mistake, and the end result will bring years of enjoyment. A good interior designer will know how to take your ideas to the next level and establish a functional space, leaving you with a home you love.

If you’re looking to add interior design style to your home, call an interior designer, many of them, including Mark Luther Design, offer a consultation in your home to review your ideas.

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