23 Beautiful Ways to Decorate With Patterns

By  Deirdre Sullivan |   | Posted in " Interior Design "

1. Yes, Mixing Up Patterns Can Be Cinch

We get it — incorporating different patterns into your decorating scheme can be incredibly intimidating. But we promise, with a little insider knowledge you can mix and layer patterned décor successfully like a pro. The trick to learning how to get it right is understanding the basic rules. Afterward, you can confidently break them or not.

What's the most significant need to know? In general, when layering patterns, it is best to combine prints in different styles and scales. The latter is super important. The most prominent pattern in the room, typically a rug with a colorful motif, sets the tone for the rest of the space. Afterward, additional layers of complementary or contrasting patterns in smaller sizes boost visual interest. Those items often include accent pillows, throws, furniture, and curtains.

Confused? Do not be. Whether you are a design traditionalist or a décor maverick, the following ideas share the best ways to mix patterns when decorating.

2. Pattern Matching Basics

This colorful living room demonstrates the basics of pattern matching. California based design company Taylor and Taylor stuck to four different patterns in three different sizes. Each pattern is distinct but has a similar feel.

The wool rug with the large free-flowing geometric shapes sets the tone. A single accent pillow features the second largest pattern — a repeating triangle and diamond design in navy that riffs off the rug's color and style. Lastly, two smaller patterned pillows with squiggly designs play a supporting role.

3. Geometric Patterns Enliven a Black and White Color Scheme

Geometric patterns give a small sitting area with a monochromatic color scheme a big dose of pep. The two large prints on the wall inspired this space by interior designer Jennifer Talbot based in Chicago. The two chairs with the second biggest pattern anchor the nook. Underfoot is a subtle zigzag patterned wool rug.

4. How to Create a Unified Look

Andrew Howard Interior Design based in Jacksonville, Florida has a few easy tips for pulling together a space. This elegant living room repeats colors and patterns to create a unified look. The curtains and two side chairs are the same patterned fabric. Additional elements including the sofa, fireplace tiles, ceramic garden stool, and decorative pillows incorporate the darkest shade of blue spotted on the curtains and plush seats.

5. Vibrant Patterns from the Far East

This rule-breaking living room packs every shade of the rainbow to create a little slice of bohemian paradise.

The mother and daughter design team behind Alida and Miller situated in Australia designed the space. They call their unique decorating style perfect imperfections. What makes this mash-up of patterns work? The pale blue walls ground the space by coordinating beautifully with the various textiles in vibrant colors from the Far East. 

6. Consider Sticking to a Specific Pattern Style

In this boho styled living room by Commune Design based in Los Angeles, California, several different Turkish kilim accent pillows with slight variations in color and pattern, top off the Moroccan day beds.

7. Anchor Your Space With an Oversized Pattern Rug

A general rule of thumb is that the most prominent pattern in the room should be covering the floor. In this chic little living room seen on Homepolish, a rug with an oversized pattern anchors the space. Accent pillows in a mixture of styles and different scale patterns lend visual interest. Our favorites are the shibori tie-dyed cushions on the rattan chairs

8. Layer Patterned Rugs

Spice up a neutral room with two different floor coverings. Here Chicago based interior designer Jennifer Talbot layered a couple of rugs in two different jaunty patterns.

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