Five Tips When Designing Your Next Room

By  Mark Luther Design |   | Posted in " Customized Designs, Interior Design, Space Management "

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Converting a room or space in your house to make it a reflection of who you are or redoing a room to serve a specific purpose is an exciting part of the home design process. However, before you jump all in and get the latest trends installed in your home, you should consider what is most appropriate for the long time value of your home.

Successfully designing a room requires the coming together of several aspects, but being prepared, and knowing what to look for can make things easier. To help you design a room in the best way possible, Mark Luther Design has compiled a couple of tips that could benefit you.

Tip #1: What will the room be used for?

If you are designing a living room or family room, create an environment that will be conducive to “family movie night” on the couch. Make sure everyone has a place to sit and view the TV without having to sit on the floor. The sofa should be comfortable enough to accommodate everyone.

Tip #2: Keep the furniture in scale to the size of the room.

While everyone would love sectional furniture, the question you need to ask is will it fit. Consider a sofa love seat combo where you can purchase smaller pieces to fit the room. Then add an oversized ottoman so everyone can put their feet up.

Tip #3: Choose fabric wisely.

The choice of fabric is key to this room, and it’s function. When using this room for multi-purpose, and lots of people, I have had great success with Sunbrella fabrics. This fabric now comes in designer colors and patterns and is no longer the drab rubber-backed fabric of years ago.

Tip #4: Avoid obstructions.

Make sure that the furniture layout works with the traffic flow. You don’t want someone getting up to use the restroom during a movie or sporting event, and have to have everyone move so that the person can get out. It is all about scale and function.

Tip #5: Hire an Interior designer.

The cost of a designer is far less expensive than purchasing furniture that does not fit, or in a trendy color that will look out of date in a year. An interior designer will listen to your needs and create a look suitable for years of enjoyment.

Designing a room can be quite a challenge if you don’t have an eye for it, so if you’re in the process of planning a remodel or trying to build your dream home, reach out to the experts at Mark Luther Design. As the best professional interior designers in Boston, MA, our team of interior designers are dedicated to fulfilling your idyllic vision of the perfect home. We couple our exquisite ideas and wealth of design experience to complete your home's décor from start to finish, irrespective of whether you are building an entirely new home or redesigning a single room of your current house. To learn more about what we do, please click here or get in touch with us here for any design related information you need.