Busted! Don’t Believe These DIY Myths!

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Busted! Don’t Believe These DIY Myths!

While there are dozens of television shows out there showing how you can easily carry out a home project, most projects that can be done by a homeowner require a bit of knowledge as well as the necessary time and effort.

We admire people who take on the challenge of doing it themselves but there are a couple of misconceptions that suggest ‘do it yourself projects’ are always the best idea. However, home renovations have the largest number of myths associated with them. As part of our aim to educate homeowners of the pitfalls of DIY projects, we are busting some of the common myths with the truth.

Myth 1: Use loud prints to cover over old wall paneling or rough cracked walls

Wall-covering or wallpaper can be applied to walls to create a more interesting space and is successfully used to cover over old wall paneling or rough cracked walls. The secret to this is to use heavy textured wallpaper. This is a myth! Do not use a loud print on all four walls as it will close in the room. In addition, loud prints become dated very quickly. Hire a professional to hang your paper. It looks easier than it actually is. Also, never cover the stair risers. You will hate the marks that shoes will leave behind from constant use.

Myth 2: Use multiple colors to brighten your house.

You can, but using different colors in different rooms can look like an afterthought. When you are preparing to redo your home’s interior after the kids have all moved out, choose some of your favorite colors and textures and rework these colors in adjoining rooms to keep consistency and flow. Always stand in one room and look at the adjoining rooms. The colors should always harmonize and complement each other and not clash.

Myth 3: You don’t need professional help

I always talk to my clients about their design issues. I explain the advantage of hiring a professional interior designer to help them avoid costly mistakes. It is less expensive to pay an interior designer a consult fee then to spend a large sum of money on costly mistakes. Should they feel comfortable enough to do the project themselves, they at least have a professional to bounce questions off before the paint hits the wall.

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