A Beginner’s Guide To Staging Your Home For Sale

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A Beginner’s Guide To Staging Your Home For Sale

With growing competition, first impressions have become increasingly important when it comes to selling a home. Before putting a house on the market, there is a need to fix it up, stage it, declutter, pack, and perform any maintenance that’s required. While doing it yourself, could be cheaper, getting professional help ensures problems an untrained eye may miss are addressed.

To help you create a great first impression, Mark Luther Design has put together a Beginner’s Guide to staging your home for sale. By following this guide, you as a seller, can avoid costly mistakes and sell your house quicker.


How to Stage your Home for Sale:

Get professional help: Professional staging will help sell your home quicker and give a potential buyer a beautiful vision of what your property would look like if they buy it. An experienced stager, such as Mark Luther Design, will help you create a first impression that captures what buyers are looking for and makes your home their first choice.

Clean, Declutter, Neutralise: Home Staging 101 - edit, edit, edit down! Clean the carpets. Remove the clutter that has accumulated over the years. Take down personal pictures, and sentimental attachments that line the walls. Paint the walls with neutral colors. Make the rooms look as big as possible, and remove large pieces of furniture if possible.

Curb appeal counts too: While the interiors of a home are the primary focus, do not forget about the yard, your picket fence, and the exteriors of your home. Make the exterior of your property look as manicured as possible. Sometimes the most significant selling point of a home circles down to “curb appeal.”


Advice From The Pros

Staging requires patience: Staging a home for a sale can be incredibly overwhelming, time-consuming and occasionally frustrating. By hiring a professional stager, you are making it their problem, which gives you the time to focus on packing up stuff you don’t require and decluttering your home.

Better photos equal better offers: The visual aspect of your house is what is going to draw buyers towards it. While it may cost you a bit, ensure that your property photos of the rooms look like they are out of a magazine. Pictures are what will create interest, which you can capitalize on with an excellently staged home.

At Mark Luther Design, our interior designers work with your space to create a compelling vision of light, color, and comfort. Our home staging and interior design services, help your home look its best. Whether you are building an entirely new home or redesigning your current house or preparing to sell a home, we will help you to achieve your dream. To learn more about how we can help you, visit our website or get in touch with Mark Luther Design today.